Entrance to the park is free for everyone.

Junior Express

Our train is ready to take you all aboard for a fantastic adventure, both young and old!

Polpetta Boat

Go with the waves of the Parco Junior like a true sailor: feel the marine thrill and let yourself be lulled by the currents!

Lago dei Cigni

Each swan holds a little magic... we are waiting for you at the Parco Junior to create your fairy tale with the whole family!

Jeep Safari

The challenges never end! Especially aboard our Jeep Safaris!


To infinity and beyond! With Jumping, fun is guaranteed!

Formula 1

Live an exhilarating adventure and cross the finish line first aboard our karts!


Enter the mega inflatable "Polpetta": jumps, jumps and more jumps, for a fun that never ends!

Crazy Balls

Millions of colored balls for exaggerated dives!


A classic that is always fun!


So many obstacles and trials to overcome! With Mixtreme, challenges are just around the corner!


Fill up and start the battle of colored balls! Challenges with guaranteed fun!


At Parco Junior you can also travel on the water! Route around the nature of our park with your canoe!


They say that to touch the sky just lift a finger… you will go close with our Fanfarone! Ready to hear your heart beating wildly after a dizzying descent? For the whole family!

Crazy Sub

The craziest submarine awaits you at the Parco Junior to discover a fantastic underwater world, it is the ideal attraction for the whole family!

Roller Dragon

A Dragon to be discovered!
Speed ​​through the waves aboard the Roller Dragon!
Fun is guaranteed for everyone
look at the smile of mom and dad,
they like speed too!

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